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Supreme Court rejects Trump administration DACA move

Today the Supreme Court rejected the Trump Administration’s request to skip the Court of Appeals and have the Supreme Court immediately consider the DACA court case that originated in Northern California. This announcement means that the Supreme Court will not take up the case on DACA at this time. The case is now expected to move to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in the normal appeals process, which could take several months.

You can still renew your DACA. Click Here for the facts and remember, we can help you apply.

Trump Administration Actions on Immigration

In its first days, the Trump administration released wide-ranging executive orders on immigration and refugee resettlement, touching on everything from the construction of a border wall to deportation policy, the refugee resettlement program, and admissions from certain majority-Muslim countries. These MPI research and data resources offer context directly related to the issues addressed in the executive orders and the populations they will affect, as well as policy changes achieved and proposed via other mechanisms.

Click here for several in depth reports from the Migration Policy Institute.

Family Matters – Love, Support and Entrepreneurship

Posted by Diane Rish | Jan 24, 2018
For decades, our country and our communities have reaped the extensive benefits of our family-based immigration policies. Family-based immigration drives small business development, fuels entrepreneurship and innovation, promotes integration, ensures the maintenance of strong family support systems, and strengthens our nation. U.S. history is full of success stories that began through the family-based immigration system, including John Tu, founder of Kingston Technology and number 87 on the Forbes 400 list, who immigrated to the U.S. based on sponsorship by his U.S. citizen sister. Continue reading Family Matters – Love, Support and Entrepreneurship

DACA is Available!

DACA is Available and We Can Help!

Jan. 13, 2018, Update: Due to a federal court order, USCIS has resumed accepting requests to renew a grant of deferred action under DACA. Until further notice, and unless otherwise provided in this guidance, the DACA policy will be operated on the terms in place before it was rescinded on Sept. 5, 2017.

If you previously received DACA and your DACA expired on or after Sept. 5, 2016, you may still file your DACA request as a renewal request.

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Scenes from the Women’s March in Seattle
Scenes from the Women’s March in Seattle