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DACA is safe… for now

At Kitsap Immigrant Assistance Center, we are heartened that the Supreme Court today rejected the Trump Administration’s attempt to end DACA. The Court found that the administration did not follow the necessary legal procedures in attempting to end the program.

This is welcome news for the hundreds of thousands of DACA recipients in the country and for the hundreds in our local communities. The decision means that the protections provided by DACA will stay in place, at least temporarily.  Dreamers can continue with the myriad ways that they contribute to our communities.

Just yesterday, we received a call from a DACA client who was in tears because she had just gotten a job as a kindergarten teacher and was fearful that a negative Supreme Court decision would mean she would be deported. With this ruling, she will have her dream job.

Today, we are celebrating with our clients and all the Dreamers across the country. The Trump administration’s assault on the Dreamers has been ruled illegal. But we know this is a partial and temporary victory. The assaults on Dreamers and immigrants will continue.

We call on Congress to pass legislation to make this official. Dreamers ARE Americans!

The fight is not over.  We thank our community for supporting these brave young people, and we honor them for their resilience.

In solidarity,
The KIAC Team

Standing up for George Floyd and Justice

We at Kitsap Immigrant Assistance Center condemn the murder of George Floyd, the unarmed black man who was strangled last week by a Minneapolis police officer.   Derek Chauvin now has been charged with the killing, but we recognize that this was not an isolated incident. Racist violence against black and brown people in America is all too common. Racist policies against immigrants and people of color have become ingrained in our national fabric.

Along with people across the county, we are outraged by this profound racial injustice.  We stand in solidarity with millions who demand justice and change.  It is imperative that as a country, we come together to work for real change that dismantles structural racism, beginning with transparent investigations and accountability for wrongful killings and acts of brutality. It is imperative that the voices of protesters be heard without the threat of further violence.

At KIAC, we recognize the worth and dignity of all people. We believe that change starts at the local level. We work in the West Sound region on behalf of immigrants to assure justice for all people, regardless of race, ethnicity, or immigration status. Through our work and through our voices, we stand with members of our community who have been directly impacted by oppressive and unjust systems. And we will continue to work for change.

Sally Tellekson, Executive Director

Althea Paulson, Board President

Ray Garrido, Legal Services Director

Annika Turner, Family Services Director

Your generosity has humbled us

Today, you are the star of the story.

What an unbelievable day of generosity in Kitsap County! Because of you, Kitsap Community Foundation helped to raise $1.9 million dollars for local nonprofits like KIAC during the Kitsap Great Give. This sends a strong message that despite our current obstacles, we show up for each other.

You showed up for your immigrant neighbors in a big way. Over 300 of you contributed a whopping $57,761 for KIAC. Every gift speaks to your commitment to care for some of the most vulnerable in our community, even in a time of great challenge, and we are incredibly inspired by this! 

With our must humble gratitude for your support and trust in us, we continue to provide services to our immigrant neighbors to ensure they can care for themselves in the pandemic, and thrive long beyond it.