Family Services

Youth volunteers at a KIAC mask distribution event.

We are not currently offering drop-in hours, but we continue to support immigrants with services by appointment including:

  • Paperwork and phone calls: Help with reading and writing documents in English or Spanish, filling out forms on paper or online, and making phone calls
  • Bills: Help with applying for financial assistance for medical bills or setting up payment plans
  • Learning English: Information about local English classes, and 1-on-1 conversation practice (virtual)
  • Doctors: Free medical clinic. To schedule, text or call (360) 440-2376 or (360) 900-9300
  • Dentist: Low cost dental care with Peninsula Community Health Services. To schedule, text or call (360) 900-9300
  • Clothing:  Free clothing is available by appointment on Tuesdays. Call/text (360) 440-2376
  • General information and referrals for other needs, including information about school enrollment, health insurance, help for victims of domestic violence, housing, employment, mental health services, civil legal aid, and other resources. While we cannot provide case management, we will do our best to act as your interpreter and help you seek resources to navigate difficult situations.
  • Support applying for local rent assistance

Check out our Facebook group for info and updates!

Contact Family Services

(360) 616-2722 or  (360) 440-2376


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