Several months ago, a young family in our local community was torn apart. ICE arrested one parent — the one providing the family’s sole source of income — and took them to NW ICE Processing Center in Tacoma. The other parent and their children were left at home, with immediate need and without financial options. In the face of uncertainty, this young family turned to KIAC for help.

Kitsap Immigrant Assistance Center is here for our immigrant neighbors in situations like this. From providing temporary rent assistance to connecting clients with resources in Kitsap and beyond, KIAC’s Family Services team is a trusted resource to immigrants within our community.

As the pandemic has become the milieu in which we all live, KIAC has adjusted the way we operate to accommodate the changing needs of our clients. With the recent and dramatic rise in the cost of food, gas and housing, the demand for KIAC’s family services is growing exponentially.

Your donations allowed us to give the family above two months of rent relief until they could find work and more solid financial footing. Your caring and generous support makes our work possible and sustainable.

Tomorrow is Kitsap Great Give, our community’s biggest day of giving! All donations made to KIAC will be matched, dollar-for-dollar, up to $30,000!!!

Your donations allow KIAC to provide our services to over 2,000 immigrants each year. 

In solidarity,

Thangam Chandrasekaran,

Executive Director

P.S. Your gift provides resources and relief for our immigrant neighbors. Give today!