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Family Services

Family services served 358 people and families in 2015. People continued to present us with myriad ways to serve them. In addition to continuing our medical clinics and starting our dental clinic, we provided ESL practice workshops for clients working on improving their English. . We also started a citizenship workshop.

Legal Services

Our legal program opened in December of 2014. We provide immigration services to people who could otherwise not afford them. The vast majority of our clients would not have been able to get the legal help we provided without our program. We started 2015 with 30 cases and opened 348 more during the year.

Good news for people applying for citizenship: the waiting time between when we file your application and your interview has fallen from 8 months to 5 months. This means you still have time to become a citizen and vote this year if you come to see us soon. Make an appointment.

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