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KIAC is grateful to the Leslie and Michael Lebeau Philanthropic Fund and the Bainbridge Community Foundation for a generous grant of $5,000. These funds will allow us to partner with the Kitsap Public Health District and the Kitsap Regional Library to continue and expand a Mother’s Group for Latina and Guatemalan indigenous mothers in our area. This group is a space for prenatal and public health professionals to accompany new and experienced mothers alike in providing the best care for their children. “Grupo de Mamas” is a place of community for the participants and helps combat social isolation while also providing important education in the native languages of the group’s members. With this grant, we will be able to continue this group that was in danger of ending after the end of this year and also seek more training and leadership opportunities for the women we serve. Thank you to Michael and Leslie Lebeau and everyone who made this possible!

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