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Midterm elections are nearing, and we are hearing a lot of anti-immigrant rhetoric that is not based in fact. Here at KIAC, we believe that facts matter to you as much as they do to us. In addition to our role as THE hub for immigrants in our region, we are also here as a hub of information for those who might wonder about the realities faced by immigrants and immigration policy.

To continue fulfilling our role in combating misinformation, here are three facts about immigrants:

  1. There is substantial evidence that immigrants, regardless of immigration status, are less likely to commit crimes than native-born Americans. 
  2. Immigrants are less likely to utilize public assistance benefits and, when they do, they generally use a lower dollar value than native-born Americans.
  3. Fentanyl is not being smuggled in by migrants – migrants who are often turning themselves in to seek asylum. Most fentanyl is brought across the border by cartels and is smuggled through official ports of entry, hidden in vehicles. 

This year, in the face of instability driven by the pandemic, politics, wars, and climate issues, KIAC has held strong and continues to be a hub for immigrants and for immigrant-centric information and facts. Check out our mid-year report below.

For those who fact check the facts, you can find our source for fact #1 here, fact #2 here, and fact #3 here

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