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ICE Sweeps in kitsap county

Today ICE agents stopped and detained several people in Port Orchard and Bremerton. They attempted to intimidate a US citizen by blocking his car but he was familiar with his rights and made them back off. We consider this a case of racial profiling. You can see the video he made here. KIAC is reaching out to the effected families to provide needed support. Everyone should be aware of their rights when they come into contact with ICE. Click here to learn about your rights. If you observe ICE in our community please contact the Washington Immigration Solidarity Network Hotline 1-844-724-3737

Hoy los agentes de ICE detuvieron y detuvieron a varias personas en Port Orchard y Bremerton. Intentaron intimidar a un ciudadano estadounidense bloqueando su automóvil, pero él estaba familiarizado con sus derechos y los hizo retroceder. Consideramos esto un caso de perfil racial. Puedes ver el video que hizo aquí. KIAC está llegando a las familias afectadas para proporcionar el apoyo necesario. Todos deben conocer sus derechos cuando entran en contacto con ICE. Haga clic aquí para conocer sus derechos. Si observa ICE en nuestra comunidad, comuníquese con la Línea Directa de la Red de Solidaridad de Inmigración de Washington 1-844-724-3737 Ellos hablan español.

Demand climate change action

Today, Friday, September 20, people of all ages are taking to the streets to demand immediate action on climate change from our leaders.  Climate change will cause the forced migration of many millions of people over the course of this century, and the bulk of those displaced will have played little role in the emissions responsible for this crisis.  Forced climate migration may arise from two broad types of impacts.  Extreme weather events, including floods, typhoons, hurricanes and other weather phenomena will lead to immediate losses of homes and livelihoods.  Long-term climate processes, on the other hand, include sea level rise, chronic drought, extreme heat exposure, and food insecurity and may render large areas practically uninhabitable.  In the most dramatic cases, entire nations may be literally wiped off the map by sea level rise, a reality forcefully communicated by the Alliance of Small Island States during the drafting of the Paris Agreement that spurred inclusion of language seeking to limit global warming to 1.5 C above preindustrial levels.

The window for achieving that ambitious target is rapidly closing.  Our current trajectory would result in 3-4 C of warming by 2100, a level of warming that would make large regions of earth uninhabitable by human beings.  Amidst all of this, xenophobic rhetoric and anti-refugee policy shifts among many of the nations with the greatest culpability in the climate crisis is the height of cruelty and inhumanity. 

Here at KIAC, we work with many families who fled their home countries due to conditions beyond their control, and we know that climate change will continue to exacerbate this. We must call our leaders to account in order to reduce the disproportionate and devastating effects on vulnerable countries. We must also recognize our role as a nation and explore ways to welcome those whom we have contributed to displacing. Please stand with KIAC and with millions of people around the world today and demand policy change at the highest levels of our governments.

Find a list of actions here and a local Bremerton action here.

**For more information or to see the source of most of this information, see:

Brown, Oli. (2008) Migration and Climate Change. International Organization for Migration Research Series, No. 31.  IOM, Geneva, Switzerland.

We are better than this

We at KIAC are disappointed in and angered by the statement of Acting USCIS Director Cuccinelli to NPR that the Emma Lazarus poem on the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty would more correctly read, “Give me your tired and your poor who can stand on their own two feet and not become a public charge.” Speaking later on CNN, Cuccinelli also stated that the poem referred only to “people coming from Europe.” This distortion of the American values enshrined in the Lazarus poem is deeply dismaying.

For centuries people from all over the world have come to America to build  new lives. Immigrants have strengthened our country and enriched our society. This poem has been a clarion call, signaling our country’s welcome to those seeking hope and freedom. The acting director’s comment is just the latest in a long line of  statements and policies put forward by this administration aimed at restricting immigration and punishing immigrants who are already here.

As a nation, we must be better than this. KIAC will continue to support and defend our immigrant sisters and brothers.