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Breaking NEWS!

100% of our staff and board are ALL IN! We will match YOUR GIFT, dollar for dollar, up to $25,000 — helping us bridge the $50,000 gap in KIAC’s budget left by cancelling our in-person fundraiser. 

Check out our campaign page to learn more about KIAC’s work throughout this pandemic. Watch our video. And join us.

Make a gift today. We’re in it together!

In it Together

Imagine living in a place that has changed overnight.

Imagine waking up one day to a world that’s shut down and realizing you are now living in the middle of a global pandemic. Imagine losing your job that very day — worrying about how you’ll make your monthly payments, buy your groceries, and keep your family safe from this unknown disease. 

Now imagine all of that in a country that doesn’t speak your language. Imagine that in a country where the rules of immigration are difficult — and, for many, impossible — to navigate, so you’re living with undocumented status and have no health insurance or unemployment benefits.

Where would you go? Who could you turn to? 

Over the past year, with the generosity of our donors and partners, KIAC pivoted to meet the ever-evolving needs of our immigrant communities – connecting people with Covid information, food, vaccinations, legal & family services and other much needed resources. 

KIAC stepped up for our immigrant communities. And now — 
WE NEED YOU to step up for KIAC.

In the interest of safety, we have cancelled our biggest fundraiser of the year. This leaves us with a sizable gap in our 2021 budget. We need your support to help us bridge that gap.

We invite you to watch our video about KIAC’s Covid response.

Join us. We are in it together.
Thank you for your support.

Important Updates from KIAC

Covid-19 Keeps Us Apart

In the interest of safety for you and our community, we have cancelled our 2021 fall Dinner & Auction Event. We will very much miss gathering with YOU!

YOUR Passion for this Work Pulls Us Together

During this pandemic, KIAC has stepped up to connect immigrant families in our region with critical resources. In this crisis, we have found opportunities — opportunities to safely provide immigration legal services, expand family support services, and give access to Covid vaccines, information and other vital community resources.

KIAC stepped up for the immigrant community. We need you to step up for KIAC.

The cancellation of this event leaves us with a $50,000 gap in our annual budget. We need your help bridging that gap.

In the first part of September, we’ll be sharing a short video with you —the inside view of how we stayed true to our mission while expanding our reach. And none of it could have happened without your partnership and generous support.

In September, check your emails and be sure to follow us on Facebook.

We’ve been able to do so much, and still the work continues.

We Are In It Together

Step up today!