The following story highlights the type of trauma experienced by many immigrants and the life-changing work done by KIAC’s immigration legal team.

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This young woman suffered sexual assault by government security forces in her country of origin resulting in pregnancy. To escape further harm, she fled and lived in a refugee camp where she gave birth. She sent the child to her mother to keep the baby safe.

After suffering another sexual assault in the refugee camp, our client fled to yet another country to seek asylum. Sadly, refugees in that country face violent xenophobia. Even there, where she was hoping to find safety, she was the recipient of more physical violence. In an effort to support herself, she sold clothing on the street and was able to save enough money for the long journey to the United States.

Once in the US, she was put into removal proceedings and held at the NW Detention Center in Tacoma. KIAC secured a bond for her release. After numerous delays in proceedings and a contested hearing, she was finally granted asylum. KIAC’s legal team is now helping her file petitions to be reunited with her children.

With KIAC’s support, she is on the path towards building a safer and more promising life for herself and her children.

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