A life-changing diagnosis for Ana 

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A few months ago, Ana heard the two words we all dread, the two words that change the trajectory of your life. It’s cancer.

Ana has been a patient at KIAC’s medical clinic for several years, and although KIAC didn’t directly provide the testing, surgery, and treatment Ana needed for her cancer, our relationships with West Sound Free Clinic and Project Access allowed KIAC to be a trusted hub for Ana during one of the most challenging times of her life.

KIAC team members supported Ana by completing paperwork, translating test results, and providing a grocery gift card to cover some of her expenses. We connected Ana with a health navigator and helped her gather the documents necessary for approval under Washington’s Alien Emergency Medical Program. Because of this, 100% of Ana’s treatment costs are covered.

KIAC staff have been in touch with Ana multiple times since surgery, and she continues to recover well. For immigrants like Ana, KIAC’s free medical clinic and partnerships with healthcare providers are literally lifesaving.

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Ana told us she is grateful for the kindness and consistency she finds at KIAC. It gave her hope and motivation to know we were there for her through it all. She provided the photo below to share along with her story. We are very thankful to have Ana in our community and be part of life.

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