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Thank you to the donors, organizations and businesses who supported KIAC in 2022!

We could not have provided tax & business, immigration legal, and family services to over 2,000 clients without the support of partners like you!

The following organizations supported KIAC’s work in 2022:

25,000 and up

Inatai Foundation

Grousemont Foundation

Kitsap Community Foundation

One Call For All

Seattle Foundation

Washington Immigrant Relief Fund

10,000 to 24,000

Bainbridge Community Foundation

Community Health Plan of Washington

Medina Foundation

One America

Puget Sound Energy Foundation

2,500 to 9,999


Gates Foundation

Kitsap Eviction Prevention Assistance Program

Kitsap Public Health District

Quail Roost Foundation

Rotary Club of Bainbridge Island

Suquamish Tribe Appendix X

1,000 to 2,499

American Immigration Lawyers Association of Washington

Bainbridge Island COVID-19 Mask Makers


Grace Church

Refuge Church

500 – 999

Agate Passage Friends Meeting

Brownsville United Methodist Church

Chavurat Shir Hayam

Holy Trinity Parish

Rotary Club of Bremerton

St. Barnabas Episcopal Church


Connection Credit Union

Eagle Harbor Congregational Church

Network for Good

Symetra Corp.

Washington State Combined Fund Drive

Under 250

Amazon Smile

Ballast Book Company

Daughters of Norway

Dell Technologies

Kitsap Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

Summit Avenue Presbyterian Church


Washington Gives

In Kind Donors

Eagle Harbor Books


Liberty Bay Books


Project Linus

The following individuals supported KIAC’s work in 2022:

10,000 and up


Carl Haefling

Dorothea Lintz

Jill Kirshner

Pay It Forward Fund

Tom and Suellen Cunningham

5,000 to 9,999

Althea Paulson and Daniel Mallove

Clovis Foundation

Judith Maule

Peter and Chelsea Vessenes

Stephen and Lana Swann

2,500 to 4,999

Elizabeth Martin

Jay Roof and Margene Smaaladen

John B. Brown Jr. Fund

Laura and Hayden Starkey

Lauren and Alex Rolfe

Margaret and Neil Storey

Paul and Suzanne Merriman

Ramon and Charlotte Garrido

Scott and Kay Drescher

T. William Booth

1,000 to 2,499

Angela Droz

Bonnie Hanrahan and Carl Catterson

Bruce and Deby Berkimer

Christopher and Cameron Snow

Connie and William Waddington

Cynthia and Gary Durday

Dale and Carol Perry

David Pitman

Don and Karol Stevens

Douglas and Marcia Hastings

Eleanor Weinel

Ellen and Alan Newberg

Emily Mansfield and Don Heppenstall

Eric Cederwall and Johanna Vander Stoep

Greg and Kathy Geehan

Hollis Fay

Jacqueline and Edward Clemens

Janet and Keith Johnson

Jeanne Huber and David Ansley

Jeffrey and Sharlyn Krueger

Jon A. Quitslund

Jonathan and Jacquelyn Pavey

Judith Karr

Kathleen and Glenn Wilson

Kenneth and Beverly Shelton

Kyle Lange

Marian Wiggins

Maribel Lechuga

Mary Gleysteen

Mike Kelly and Lisa Romasco

Noel and Jim Leary

Omie and Larry Kerr

Paul and Megan Benton

Phil and Anita Rockefeller

Renée Ziemann and Luke Yoder

Roz Williams

Russ Hartman and Sheri Thomas

Stanley and Anita Smith

Stephan and Kim Miller

Stephanie Farquhar and Peter Murchie

Susie Bavo

Thangam Chandrasekaran and Yesh Subramanian

Thomas and Marcia Kilbane

Tony Otto and Kim Churchill

Victoria Groce

William Cummings


Ajay Advani

Andrea Pazooki

Ann and Donald Frothingham

Ardis Morrow

Barbara E Bolles

Brooke Healy and Larry Tuke

Carolyn and Tom Leigh

Catherine Ahl

Dana Quitslund

Diane Jennings

Dolores Lynch

Douglas Humes

Dr. Ginny Sugimoto and Dr. Mark Sugimoto

Erin Phillips

Gerald and Mary Ann Pedron

Giannine Doyle

Heather and Luke McDaniel

Jeremy and Lissa Dashe

Jill Bamburg and Nani Baran

Joanne Mearls

John and Ellen Hough

Ken and Tina Robinson

Lynette Ackman

Lynn Whipple

Marc and Phyllis Kirschner

Michealyn Willman

Michelle Viado

Nancy Blakey

Nicole Smith and Steve Bice

Nina and Bill Meierding

Patricia Speidel

Pete and Paula Crane

Phyllis Cairns

Robin Gaphni

Sally Tellekson

Scott and Ann Weigle

Steve and Debbie Hill

Steve and Sue Anderson

Susan and Mike O’Leary

Teresa Chapman

Theresa Corlett

Thomas and Doris Smith

Tom and Katie Weed

Wilhelmina Kwansa

William Dewey


Angie Vogel

Ann Forbes

Carol and David Adelson

Cynthia Johnston

Danielle George

David M Bray III

Deb Krieger

Deborah and Proctor Schenk

Delight Willing

Donald Duprey and Rita Belserene

Douglas and Isabel Chamberlain

Elisabet Orville

Erin Banasik

Fran and Bob Moyer

Garth Roark

Grant and Inga Blackinton

Jackie Finckler and Jim Starrs

Jeanette Rerecich and Larry Brixius

Jennifer and Ken Easley

Jim and Cassie Gleckler

Joanne and Rob Frasene

Josh and Jenny Dewitt

Judy and Jim Arbogast

Justin Turner

Kami Lee

Karen Conoley and Art Verharen

Kathleen Alcala

Ken Telschow

Kimberly and Jesse Cizek Allen

Lawrence and Silvery Brown

Linda and Edus Warren

Lynn White and David Brinkerhoff

Marie Quicksall

Michael Watson

Mick and Nicki McMahan

Patricia McKenzie

Patti Shannon

Paul and Anne Kundtz

Paula Johnson

Paula Pazooki

Phillip and Karen Best

Renee Overath and Dean Gibson

Robert Half

Robin Hruska and Mike Orr

Robin Schrock and Lee Shissler

Russell and Eva Sciandra

Stephen Robert Rowley

Susan and Mark Shaffer

Susan Kilbane

Suzanne Rowley

Teri Bellamy

Therese Charvet

Veeraraghavan Family Charitable Fund

Wendy and Sid Brown

Under 250

Annika Turner

Adhithya Rajasekaran

Alison Freeman-Gleason

Allison Bishins

Alyson Rotter

Amanda and Adam Ward

Amanda Schultz

Amy Roszak

Angela Flemming

Anita Hidalgo

Anita Rose

Ann and Bruce Strosnider

Ann Cook and Gregory Thies

Ann Nagle

Ann Reeves

Ann Simandl

Anna and Bill McClain

Anne Thatcher

Arlene Hetherington

Art Schmidt and Robin Hunt

Asha Rehnberg and Larry Pluimer

Ashley Martinez

Barbara Emel

Barbara Saur

Barbara Shane and Michael Cox

Barbara Stahler

Barbara Tolliver

Barbara Zehentner-Wilkinson

Bart Berg

Basilia Brownell

Benson Glosser Family

Beverly Eckstrom

Bill and Judy Matchett

Bob and Jane Greenberg

Bonnie and David Snedeker

Bonnie and Gary Sykes

Bonnie Heinrich

Bonnie Murphy and Paul Lewis

Brenda and Stewart Wakeham

Brenda Krauth

Bruce Carter and Betty Sanders

Bruce Williams and Ruth Westergaard

Cami Holtmeier and Peter Korytko

Carl and Bobbette Olson

Carleen Gosney

Carlos Mejia Rodriguez

Carol Ann Davidson

Carol Blakley

Carol Campbell

Carol Larsen

Carole and Evan Oesterhaus

Carole Miller

Carolyn and Gil Parsons

Catherine Carson

Cathy and Glen Wyatt

Cathy Cuenin and Loren Gerhard

Cathy Jones-Smith

Cay Vandervelde

Charles and Pamela Hamon

Chris and Christine Perkins

Chris and Terry Nicksic

Chris Karczewski

Christie and Ken Christman

Christina Henry

Christina Kereki

Christine Potter

Christopher and Ann Smith

Christopher Pence

Chuck Pirtle

Cindy Wolbert

Claire Brownstein

Claire Favro

Claudia Gorbman

Clo Copass and Doug Fleming

Connie Cushman

Craig Campbell

Cyndi Pereira

Cynthia Phillips

Dale and Regina Spoor

Dale and Susan Knell

Dale Kelley

Dan and Karol Hovde

Dan and Mary Ferm

Dan Froehlich and Jennie Hoffman

Dave and Dottie Bonnett

David and Cynthia Harrison

David and Gayle Curran

David and Kathleen Thorne

David and Susan Gitch

David Hunting

David Mitchell and Lisa Giles

David Whitney

Deanna Vandiver

Deanna Wilkes-Gibbs and Jorge Barrios

Deb Rudnick and Rob Ast

Debora Musikar

Deborah Bunn

Deborah Lamb and Susan Sweetwater

Dee Axelrod

Dee Christoff

Dee Eisenhauer

Denise Jarvis

Dezhang Chu

Diana Peters

Diane Hooper

Dick Dunhaupt and Patti Hackney

Dinah Landreth

Don Winslow

Donald R Hillier

Donna Branch-Gilby

Dorothy Coleman

Dorothy Kehres

Doug Cook

Douglas and Kristen Hotchkiss

Douglas Nathan

Dwight and Edith Sutton

Earl and Tena Doan

Elaine Tannesen

Elaine Williams Bryant

Elinor Fanning

Elizabeth Bamber

Elizabeth Roberts and Brian Watson

Ellen Konopaski

Ellen Posadas

Ellen Skarin

Ellin Spenser

Emily and Drew Crandall

Emma VanAcker

Eric and Caroline Stevens

Erin Murphy

Eugene C. and Nancy M. Mehlenbacher

Favstina Pablo Mendoza

Florence Munat

Francis Landrey and Maureen Kilfoyle

Francis Noedel

Frank Gibbons

Frederick and Sara Goetz

Gail Tedford

Gary and Tineke Dahl

Gary Nakamura and Kimi Kinoshita

Gaye and Len Marklund

Gayle and Michael Helseth-Kenison

Gaywynn Cooper

George and Barb Willock

George and Sara Davis

Ginger and Don Singleton

Graciela Zapata

Grant Lindsay Morgan

HB Harper

Helen Nissani

Hildur Gleason

Hiroko and Bill Spees

Hunter Severt

Inga Carmack and Larry Sukut

Irene and Gordon Williams

Ivelis Botti

Jacklyn Fabbri and Maureen McNulty

Jake Mallove

James Bartley

James Docter

James Hazel

Jan Kohler

Janet and Ethan Allen

Janet Herren

Janet Higby

Janet See and Bill Reddy

Janice and Brit Etzold

Janice and Douglas McLemore

Janice and Mark Discher

Janice Pederson

Janice Stanton

Jared Gottlieb and Anna Scott

Jayson Vega López

Jeanne Snouwaert

Jeannie Allen

Jeff and Kirsten Bouma

Jeff Powers and Debra Haase

Jeffrey and Denise Brown

Jen Stonequist

Jennifer Brugger

Jennifer Pust

Jenny and John Lange

Jerry Butler

Jessica Demick

Jessica Guidry

Jessica Nance and William O’Connor

Jill Johnston

Jim and Katherine Laws

Jim and Mary Kolb

Jo Anne and Joe Reasons

Joan Pearson and Karl Petersen

JoAnn Kowalski

Joanna Hayes

Joanne and Gary Erickson

JoAnne Schnyder

John and Barbara Hager

John Bachner

John Friesen

John Hedges

John Pizzo

Johnnita Williams

Jon and Kay Root

Jon Schneidler

Joyce and Alan Rudolph

Juan and Elizabeth Rodriguez

Judi and Lee Leader

Judith and Edward Cole-Martin

Judith Anderson

Judith Clay

Judith G. Pitzer

Judith Kocer

Judith Stoleson

Judy and Aaron Levine

Judy Friesem

Judy Kelly

Julia Miller

Julian Woodward

Julie and Brian Humm

Julie and Richard Armitage

Julie and Steve Matthews

Julie Calvert Hill

Julie Cooper

Julie Fairall

Julie Riely-Gibbons and Anthony Gibbons

Julie Shryock

Karen and Ed Kushner

Karen and Tom Beierle

Karen Salsbury

Katherine Auger

Katherine C Mallalieu

Kathleen and John Cunningham

Kathleen Caldwell

Kathleen Gjovik

Kathryn Kuyper

Kathryn McAravy

Kathryn Meyers

Kathryn Wilham

Kathy and Kulpreet Rana

Kathy Lundberg

Katie Franco

Kayleen Pritchard

Kelly and Adam Morrow

Kelly and John Welsh

Kelly O’Neal

Kellye Campbell

Kelvin Moulden

Kent Granzow and Ella Rae

Kevin and Lynn Swan

Kevin Hull

Kim Poole

Kirrin Coleman

Kristen Branson-Meyer

Kristina van Niel

Kurt and Karla Schultz

L. Michele Laboda

Lara Hansen

Lara Lant

Larry and Mary Eyer

Laurence and Consuelo Marks

Laurie and Paul Stumme-Diers

Leanne and Peter Biggs

Lee and Karen Chu

Leigh and Richard Jones-Bamman

Leigh Tatum

Lilly Kodama

Linda Quitslund and Gary Whitehead

Linnea Enz Chu

Linsey Sauer

Lisa and David Glaze

Lisa and Mary Eastep

Lisa and Norman Down

Lisa deFaria

Lou McCarl

Lydia Harrison

Lynn Willmott and Suzanne Holland

M. Diane Manning

Magaly Duarte-McLaughlin

Maggie A Ball

Malone and Judy Steverson

Maradel Gale

Marc Cantwell

Marc Zocher

Marci Burkel

Marcy and Rick Jackson

Margaret Cole

Margaret Duncan and Bill Baird

Margaret Johnston

Margaret Mathisson

Margaret Walker

Marguerite Thomas

Maria Carlos

Maria Metzler

Marilyn Karr

Marion Wheeler Burns

Maris Fravel

Mark and Lisa Ashley

Marsha L Cutting

Marshall and Lyria Miller

Martha Blair

Marty Ereth and Carey Alvestad

Mary and David Nelson

Mary Ann Proctor

Mary E. Tate Phillips

Mary Ekstrand

Mary Murphy

Maryann DeSimone

MaryBeth Dwyer

Matthew and Dora Curry

Maureen Kwolek

Megan Spence

Melody Ann Wagener

Michael and Sheryl McCloud

Michael and Wanda Dawson

Mike and Nancy Lewars

Mitchell and Janet DeRidder

Molly Dey

Molly OHara

Nancy and Marc Adam

Nancy and Thomas Taylor

Nancy Plant and George Jarecke

Nancy Taylor and Fritz Levy

Nancy Whitaker

Nathaniel and Maria Smith

Nathaniel Hong and Anne LeDell-Hong

Nathaniel Mallove

Neal and Holly White

Nelson and Laurie Spickard

Neva Welton

Pamela Dassel

Pamela McPeek

Pat Luhr

Pat O’Rourke

Patricia Bennett-Forman

Patricia Corcoran

Patty Lyman and Ron Kaplan

Patty Page and Kris Lenke

Paul and Elaine Von Rosenstiel

Pedro and Doreen Valverde

Peggy Thurston

Peter Best

Philip Bylsma

Phillip Favero

Rachel and Josiah Wilson

Rachel Kerbrat

Rachel Rindo

Randall Rotter and Renata Lac

Redge Campbell

Regina O’Neal

Remo Barr

Renae Matson

Rhonda Manville

Richard and Joan Kinsman

Richard and Reba Renner

Richard Goff and Dagmar Stauss

Rita Arnstein

Rob Crichton

Robert and Debbie Hollyer

Robert Weschler

Roberta and Steve Kaio-Maddox

Roberta Lindeman

Robin Farwell and W.R. Matthews

Robin Keller

Robin Supplee and Cristi and Mike Derzon

Robin Wilson and Roger Cloutier

Robyn and David Dabell

Ron Robinson

Ronald Canfield

Rose Marie Bennett

Roy Pardee

Sallie Maron

Sally O’Callaghan

Sarah Webster

Seanna Munn

Sharon and Robert Winn

Sharon Dieterich

Sharon Kaylen and Jean Langford

Sheila Hughes

Sheila Kelly

Shelley and Robert Sherwin

Sheridan Ley-Mackey

Sherri Wilson

Sierra Lee-Brenner

Simon and Rebecca Ffitch

Siri Kushner

Sonja Sollie

Soomie Ahn

Stacey Anderson

Stan and Jane Mack

Stein and Lene Hajek

Stephanie and Jason Appleberry

Stephen Arnold and Laurie Bauman

Steve and Diane Landry

Steve Willey and Gretchen Gende

Steven Green

Steven Schaffer and Kimberly Clay

Stuart Walton

Sue and Kenneth Davis

Sue Nell

Susan and Casey McGrath

Susan Buckles

Susan Hancock

Susan Jane Bryant

Susan Lange and Sarah Fowler

Susan O’Brien

Susan Strachan

Sydney J. Kaplan

Tammy Bertrand

Tarra Simmons

Ted and Julie Brockish

The Proffer Family

Theresa Jacobs

Thomas Armentrout

Thomas Cravens

Tim and Deborah Flynn

Tina Chenevert

Tom and Jo Roberts

Tom and Linda Newlon

Tom and Mary Ellen Donnelly

Tom Fehsenfeld

Turner Household

Uta and Steve Meyer

Val and Mary Ann Tollefson

Veronica Falkner

Virginia Rusch

Warren and Mary Gross

Wendy Marshall

Wendy Reid

Willa A. Fisher

William and Sheilah Wilcynski

William Reyes

William Tiederman

Wyman and Karoline Johnson

Yumiko DamaShek

Zachary Mallove

In Kind Donors

Alison Loris

Ann Randall

Carol and Ray Dudley

Connie Lobo

Cris and Robert Amburgey

Elizabeth and Ron Mohney

Fran Shields and Friends

Geri Maynard

Herbert Gurdran

Jonathan Green

Karen Leader Scott

Leopoldo Davilacorrea

Lisa de Graaf

Lynn and Brian Collins

Lynne and Bob Ohman

Margaret and Peg Garrison

Pat Garrison

Patsy Chandler

Paul and Ellen Middents

Sandie Yorke

Tracy Gonzales

Will Chin

Zach Allen

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