Several months ago, a young family in our local community was torn apart. ICE arrested one parent — the one providing the family’s sole source of income — and took them to NW ICE Processing Center in Tacoma. The other parent and their children were left at home, with immediate need and without financial options. In the face of uncertainty, this young family turned to KIAC for help.

Kitsap Immigrant Assistance Center is here for our immigrant neighbors in situations like this. From providing temporary rent assistance to connecting clients with resources in Kitsap and beyond, KIAC’s Family Services team is a trusted resource to immigrants within our community.


From the Desk of KIAC’s Executive Director

Dear Friends,

Like you, we are heartbroken by the images of the destruction of Ukranian cities, the deaths of civilians, and the millions of people — mostly women and children (and often, their pets) — fleeing for their lives. We are inspired by Ukrainian courage and the leadership of President Zelenskyy. Along with the horror and cruelty, there are so many acts of generosity and love, as people around the world mobilize to help Ukraine. 

This month’s quote from the book “Nonviolent Soldier of Islam” is by Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan, often referred to as Frontier Gandhi. Our mission at KIAC is to offer assistance to those from anywhere in the world who come to the United States seeking safety. This past month, we “sowed our seeds” in the following ways.

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Maria and Simón

In January, KIAC received an urgent call from a woman whose husband was detained in the Northwest ICE Processing Center in Tacoma. Maria and her husband Simón, (names changed for confidentiality) fled their native country after receiving harassment and threats from elements of their government — a government Simón and his family had been in opposition to for years. After a hard and dangerous trip, this young couple crossed the US-Mexico border and turned themselves into immigration agents — seeking asylum.

Both were detained, but for medical reasons, Maria was released. After visiting Simón, we filed a motion for a bond hearing with the immigration court. We presented our case in detail at the bond hearing and the judge granted a bond the family could afford. 

We met Simón at the detention center gate upon his release and arranged a place for him to stay and a ride to the airport. Simón was reunited with Maria the next day.

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