Family Services

KIAC Dental clinic

We have two locations that provide a multitude of services to facilitate the adjustment of immigrants to America and our communities.

At our Family Services Center

  • Referrals to medical, dental, legal, domestic violence and social and health services
  • On-site medical clinic once each month
  • Quarterly dental clinic.
  • Opportunities to gain English language skills
  • Presentations on nutrition and other health topics
  • Tutoring and mentoring
  • Assistance with everyday needs, such as filling out applications, reading and understanding mail, bills and medical and insurance statements, conflicts with landlords and employers, problems at school
  • Information on Affordable Care Act enrollment
  • Outreach workshops regarding citizenship and immigration help
  • Cultural outreach Folklorica group
Center map

Immigration Legal Services

We are a Board of Immigration Appeals recognized agency.

  • Opportunity to apply for citizenship with our BIA Accredited Immigration Specialists
  • Preparation and coaching for the citizenship interview
  • Case management to ensure clients process their immigration paperwork successfully
  • Technical assistance completing different immigration forms
  • Green card renewal
  • Family immigration
  • Deferred action for childhood arrivals (DACA)
  • Assistance in starting a business and getting a business license
  • Assistance with state and federal taxes and getting an ITIN
Center map

Visit our Legal Services page for more information.

Serving our sisters and brothers in the immigrant community