• WIRF Update

    Over the last 8 weeks, KIAC team members assisted 1,093 individuals with applications for the WA Immigrant Relief Fund. This is a fund for immigrants in Washington state who were adversely affected by COVID-19 but who did not qualify for any pandemic relief funding due to their immigration status. 1,093 applications translates to roughly $2.9 million going into the pockets of our … Continue reading WIRF Update

  • From the Desk of KIAC’s Executive Director

    Friends of KIAC, It has been one month since I started working as the Executive Director of KIAC. I always imagined it would be a very special place to work, but after these last weeks, I can share that it is much more special than I imagined. There is no job more rewarding than serving … Continue reading From the Desk of KIAC’s Executive Director

  • A life-changing diagnosis for Ana 

    A few months ago, Ana heard the two words we all dread, the two words that change the trajectory of your life. It’s cancer. Ana has been a patient at KIAC’s medical clinic for several years, and although KIAC didn’t directly provide the testing, surgery, and treatment Ana needed for her cancer, our relationships with … Continue reading A life-changing diagnosis for Ana 


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