Board & Staff

Board of Directors

Jay Roof, Chairperson
Althea Paulson, Vice Chairperson
Dorothea (Dot) Lintz, Treasurer
Anita Smith, Secretary
Emma Aubrey, Board Member
Larry Chin, Board Member
Lynn K. Fleischbein, Board Member
Ceclia Gutierrez, Board Member
Libby Palmer, Board Member, JCIRA Liaison
William Reyes, Board Member
Kathy Wilson, Board Member


Executive Director
Sally Tellekson | Email
Development Director
Airen Lydick | Email
Administrative Assistant
Graciela Zapata | Email
Family Services Director

Annika Turner | Email
Legal Services Director
Ramon “Ray” Garrido | Email
Legal Coordinator
Julieta Pelayo | Email
Theresa Scott | Email

Serving our sisters and brothers in the immigrant community

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